When It Rains

Some people walk in the rain; others just get wet.
~ Roger Miller

Playing in the rain.

It rains in Vancouver. A lot. And it goes without saying that when you live in a rainy city, like we do, and you don’t own a car, like we don’t, you’re going to get wet. A lot. This also means that your toddler is going to get wet. A lot. This is no problem for us, here at the Karen and Donners Show, but from the looks we get from people on the street, it sure is a problem for a lot of other folks.

It’s something I don’t understand. My child isn’t made of sugar, and she’s not going to melt if she gets wet. Yet time and time again, when we’re out with her in the rain—whether we have her in the stroller, canopy open and sky falling on her because she actually ruined the stroller’s plastic rain cover when trying to escape it, or we’re walking sans umbrella and she’s splashing, trying to jump in puddles and picking up sodden leaves—people give us sideways glances and their looks accuse us of being irresponsible. Of being negligent. Of being <gasp!> bad parents.

Puddle splash

But why? She won’t catch a cold if she gets wet. Trust me, we’re still very afraid of Nyana catching a cold, and wouldn’t let her do anything that would promote one. So what’s the worst that’ll happen? She’ll get wet. Her hands will get cold and her shoes will have to sit on the heater to dry. She’ll get dirty and need a bath and her pants will need the laundry. Sure, that’s a pain. But what’s the best that’ll happen? She’ll grow up with wonderful memories of rain on her face, her feet in puddles, mud on her shoes. She’ll come to think of a good rain as comforting and cathartic, same as her mum does, and might find herself a grown woman, still jumping in puddles when she needs to put a smile on her face. And hopefully she’ll grow up to teach her own babygirl one day that it’s OK to jump in puddles, too. Because, as Tom Waits says, a little rain never hurt no one.

A slid slide.


When It Rains — 7 Comments

  1. I love the rain too and I hope I never get too old to enjoy puddle jumping. I’m just a little jealous that you have a lot more rain to enjoy there than I do in So Calif. It’s wonderful to see Nyana “wireless”, healthy and happy as she explores the world.

  2. Have a poster on my wall that says “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Think there’s both a metaphorical and literal interpretation there – count one more for the puddle jumping crowd! Glad to see Ny’s getting in on the action early :)

  3. Children need to be able to experience all aspects of the world around them and that includes the rain and its’ gift of puddles. If other people give you nasty looks as Nyana is enjoying her wet playground,don’t be upset with them but rather feel sorry for their children who probably never got the chance to jump in the puddles.

  4. That video brought tears to my eyes. It’s so exciting to see the little miss exploring wirelessly through the world. I love that you allow and expect her to get messy. So many parents cringe about mess and it’s taking childhood away from children. They need to be allowed to get messy. Bless you for doing so. Nyana is lucky to have such great parents.

  5. Once again, tears to my eyes and a great big smile on my face. Wow, you guys have come so far. After I saw Don and Nyana the other day, watching them off on their merry way, Don pushing the stroller and Nyana dancing along beside him, a healthy happy beautiful little girl, I marveled at how beautifully everything has turned out for you guys, and with little brother to arrive soon. Wow – you guys certainly deserve all the best.

    thanks for starting my day out right.

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