So here’s a pro tip for all the project managers out there to keep your skills sharp: make sure you take it upon yourself every few years to execute a large-scale project—with your own timeline and your own budget—to give yourself some empathy for your client. Six years ago, I drove Don crazy with my lists of lists, researching and second guessing to ensure that our wedding was as casual and laid-back as I wanted and more, and I firmly believe that it made me a better project manager to experience a project on the client side: to appreciate that budgets and timelines aren’t infinite the way we PMs so often like to believe.

And so here I am, planning another life-changing event: the project manager in me trying to find a way to traverse 4,574 kilometres on time and on budget; the mother in me looking desperately for any and all ways to transform a 10-day cross-country drive with two kids, a cat and a hatchback into The Great Fambly Road Trip (#famblyroadtrip).

The Great Migration


The rules, so far:

  • No more than 8 hours of driving (by the map) per day. Of course this will likely translate to 10-12 hours per day on the road.
  • This is a fambly vacation first, and a functional drive second. We are going to have fun.

I’m not really sure how either of those rules are going to shake out. But with exactly one week left in Vancouver, we are getting anxious to find out.


Roadtrippin’ — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Brackett fambly!

    Best wishes as you begin the great journey across the country. Here in London, we are awaiting your arrival with great anticipation.. Safe trip and have fun!
    Love Dorothy and Duncan

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