Preemie Power Photo & Essay Contest

Hey guys! It’s time to take a minute and shamelessly ask you for your time, your energy…your votes!! Consider it the “advertisement” portion of The Show. We came across this organization called Hand To Hold, that is building an online support network for families of premature babies. They’re doing a great job so far, and are holding a photo & essay contest to celebrate upcoming World Prematurity Day in November. This year’s theme is superheroes, so naturally we had to enter! If you could spare a minute of your day to go vote for us, we’d really appreciate it. We could win an ipad!!

You don’t need to register, login, or install a facebook app to vote, just click on the link below and then click on Nyana’s VOTE button. Another click confirms your vote, and that’s it! You can vote once a day for each preemie, but you can vote for as many preemies as you want each day. There are five age categories, and a bunch of prizes to be won. Come check out these inspiring little heroes and share some smiles.


Thanks a bunch everyone, enjoy the rest of your day! Don’t forget to bookmark the link so you can come back tomorrow and vote again, and feel free to share it to get others to vote for us too! Vote once every day until Nov.1st!


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