Our Kitchen Table

Food has always been an integral part of The Karen & Donners Show. The two of us met at a sandwich shop in Vancouver’s financial district—Karen was employed there and used to make Don these monster sandwiches because he didn’t look like he fed himself well, back in those early bachelor days. Don says he knew Karen was the girl he was going to marry on their first date—she ordered a bacon cheeseburger and suggested they split a pitcher of beer. Karen, on the other hand, knew that Don was a keeper when she sent him out to buy a vegetable for dinner one evening and he came home with a big bag of brussels sprouts. In the past twelve years, food has woven its way into some of our best memories. Whether it was Don tinkering and perfecting the best pork ribs ever, or Karen spending countless weekends baking her way through the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, delicious food has always been a cornerstone of the relationship.

Here we’ve shared some of our favourite recipes with you, to hopefully share with your family. Some of these have been passed on from our mums and grandmothers; others have been Internet finds that simply had to be added to our family repertoire. But rest assured, all of them are tried and true delicious. Don’t worry—many, many more will be added as the site grows.


  • Lil Shrimpies: Baby shrimp, cream cheese and green onion, spread on toast and broiled. An hors d’oeuvres from the kitchen of Karen’s grandma.


  • Pancakes. A family favourite, a family tradition. Never buy mix again.

Perfect Sides

  • Yorkshire Pudding: A recipe straight from my Manchester-born Gran, these will take your Sunday roast beef to perfection.

Main Course

  • Sweet & Spicy Pork Ribs: Just the right balance of spicy, sticky and sweet. Perfect ribs from your oven. No BBQ required.
  • Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes: We stumbled upon this one winter day and immediately fell in love with it. Chicken, coconut, lemongrass and chiles.
  • Meatball “banh mi”: Perfectly spiced meatballs. Delicious pickled vegetables. Spicy sriracha mayonnaise. Perfection.

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