Nyana’s 2nd Birthday

Well, we’ve finally taken the plunge and moved over here after two whole years of posting in Nyana’s blog, Adventures of The Sunshine Brigade. With our Little Big Man just six weeks away (give or take) from making an appearance, and with Nyana’s lung disease nearly a distant memory, it only made sense that we carve out a new little corner of the Interwebs and leave Nyana’s story as it is, closed on her second birthday. It’s nice to see that you’ve made the jump over to the new Karen & Donners Show, too.

And it only seems fitting, when one door closes and another opens, that we pick right up where we left off, with our Princess turning two. We had quite the struggle to get her to this point—many sleepless nights and days fraught with worry—and so it was so nice, when she did turn two, to have our wireless girl the star of the show. We made it a two day affair: a bubble party with her peers on Saturday and a present-opening frenzy with extended family on Sunday. And on both days, cupcakes were featured.

The birthday girl.

Nyana's personalized birthday banner

We dug out Nyana’s personalized birthday banner from last year’s cake smash and hung streamers and balloons and ornaments that resembled bubbles. I invited the Vancouver contingent of the Winter Babies group to bring their little ones over to our place, and before we knew it there were six toddlers, eight adults (including three overly pregnant women), two cats, and a whole lotta cupcakes in our 850 square foot apartment. And for a while, things got chaotic.

Attempting a group photo.

Another group attempt.

Given up on the group photo.

Don blows bubbles for the kids.

Girls party with cupcakes on the balcony.

It’s amazing what kind of a timewarp you enter when there are six toddlers about. It felt like a full afternoon, but before we knew it nearly two whole hours (and only one real meltdown) had passed and it was time to send five sleepy toddlers home and one to her own crib for a nap. The rest of the day played out uneventfully, Nyana enjoyed a spaghetti meal for dinner, and it was time to rest up to do it all again the next day.

On Sunday, Auntie Sandra and Uncle Jack and Auntie-Cousin Angela came over to help Nyana open her presents. Nurse Martyna showed up as well, and Grandma skyped in to the party from Ontario, and it didn’t take Nyana long to discover how fun ripping paper off of boxes and toys can be.

Presents from Martyna

Opening presents.

Reading break.

Saying hi to Grandma

Unwrapping is fun.

Taking Big Bird for a walk.

Talking to elephant.

Bubble catching.

Resting now.

Happy birthday, Babygirl.

Happy birthday, Babygirl. May your third year be uneventful compared to your first two.

If you’ve made your way here from nyanarose.com, please be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay up to date on the happenings in our humble family. Nyana’s blog will no longer be posted in, though you’ll get more than your fill of her here, and her blog will stay online for other families who come behind us. We love you all and hope you’ll continue on our fambly adventures here, at The Karen & Donners Show.


Nyana’s 2nd Birthday — 11 Comments

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  2. Nyana, looks like you had a super great birthday and parties!

    Love the last picture and the one of the two little girls in the two little chairs, and the elephant and the quiet moment reading her book.

    and all of them, really.

  3. This (now (old) retired) lady takes great delight in Nyana’s wonderful triumphs over adversity – she is a beautiful little girl and I take great delight in following all her successes. A very happy second birthday and I look forward to hearing all about your new baby brother. A big hello out to your Mom and Dad too!

  4. So happy there is a new place to follow the princess, her brother the prince, not to mention their mum & dad!! Happy third year to all of you!!


  5. Hi Nyana, Don and Karen – thanks for providing Nyana and the rest of us such a wonderful story of her first two years. Glad to know the story will continue in another format.
    Loved all the pictures, Nyana has such curly hair and nice to see Grandma Anne in the background!
    Love to all, and best wishes as you await the new member of your little family

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