Fred’s going to be three months old on Friday and the last update out of our camp was to tell you all that he was two months old. I live in a perpetual state of not knowing what day it is; an ongoing Groundhog Day of playgrounds, grocery stores, piles of laundry, and piles of diapers. I do intend to have a proper post for you all, soon—I have piles of half written posts in drafts and even more rolling around my head. The key, of course, is finding time to share them. Until then, a picture post. Nyana and Fred, as seen on Instagram.

Oh, hey, handsome.

She's an amazing stair climber.

Seriously, mum, take me home.

Do you know a two year old who doesn't love red peppers?

Fred's fat legs at two and a half months.

Love my bwuver.

Ny and Fred hang out together on the floor.

Keepin' the marriage alive.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a good picture post without a video or two. In the first, Nyana gets stuck in her crib. In the second, she decides that brothers aren’t so bad after all, as long as they will play with you.


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  1. Oh my goodness what a great start to my day! Nyana is getting so grown up and Fred just adores her. Both are so cute–I just want to eat them up!

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