Family Of Four: Two Months

Time keeps on ticking, ticking…

Two months already. Two months and a bit, actually. Time keeps on ticking and Fred keeps getting bigger. 14 pounds, 8 ounces at his two month check up last week. Seriously, the child is monstrous. He’s stury, and he’s strong. See? He holds his head up all by himself. Holds his head up while wearing a six-month sleeper.

Fred two months

And he’s such a joy to be around. He’s mellow and he’s smiley and he’s a great conversationalist, replying with coos and grunts to just about anything anyone says to him. At two months old, he has just graduated to size three diapers and is wearing 3m-6m outfits. Like I said, he’s huge.

Our big tank.

He still eats like a pig, and prefers to graze on small amounts frequently throughout the day over taking large meals. He still grunts and squirms all the livelong day, and for this has earned himself the nicknames Chufferson, Sir Chuffsalot, Chuffy McGee—any variation of the verb chuff, really, because he sounds like a freight train chuffing along the tracks when he gets worked up. He’s not sleeping through the night yet—nowhere close!—but he is falling into a predictable routine at least, and for the most part sleeps from about 10pm until 7am, with meals every two hours. Don takes the night shift and I take the morning shift.

His smiles really are wonderful and he is an amazingly happy baby compared to his sister. I don’t want to say that Nyana wasn’t a happy baby… it was just different with her. We’re able to interact with Freddy and coax out those grins in a way we were never able to with Ny; although to Nyana’s credit, there’s not much to be happy about when you’re tethered to BiPAP and food lines. But Fred almost always has the most ridiculous, wide-mouthed toothless grin—he’s happy to be swatting at his toys, or snuggling with me and Don, or bouncing on a lap or lounging in the bath tub. And he hasn’t complained once about being expected to enjoy his sister’s hand-me-down activity mat—he appreciates that we only bought the pink version because it was on a 50% off sale (those things are expensive!) and it was the last one available. We’ve dubbed the pink play yard the Manly Mat, and Fred rocks it well.

Fred rockin' the manly mat.

And while Freddy is busy being two months going on six months, it seems Nyana is busy being two and a half going on twelve. It is truly amazing to watch her transform exponentially day by day, as she discovers the world around her and learns how to interact with it. She’s gone from stringing together words to stringing together cohesive thoughts, and she’s transforming from a follower into an active participant in day-to-day life. She is so headstrong (By MYSELF, mama!), so determined (I do it, mama!), so inquisitive (What’s that, mama?), and much too smart for her own good. She is in love with her Finding Nemo jigsaw puzzle, is obsessed with her Cat In The Hat books, asks me every time we go to the park if we can “stay ALL day long”, and melts my heart with her smiles when we share a bowl of ice cream together after dinner. She kisses her brother on the forehead every night before bed, and as she does it she smiles and says, “I wuv you, Fwed.”

Ny enjoys a springlike day.

Don and I still marvel nearly every day that we have two perfectly perfect babies. That somehow we found each other, and we did everything right and we ended up here. That all the what-ifs and the could-haves and the if-we’d-justs are behind us and there’s nowhere to go but forward… ticking, ticking, into the future. It’s shaping up to be a pretty good season of The Karen & Donners Show.

Perfect little babies.


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  1. Hello Don, Karen, Nyana and Fred – so good to get your update and see how the kids are growing. You truly do have a great little family – we wish you continued joy in your lives. Love Duncan & Dorothy

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