Conversations With A Toddler {Part I}

So, kids are fun once conversations start happening. The other day I was in the living room with Nyana and Fred, working on Fred’s rolling over and Nyana’s sharing. Suddenly, Nyana picked up a stuffed animal that Fred was chewing on, threw it across the room, then looked at me deadpan and proclaimed “You’ll never see that bunny again.” Seriously. My hand went to my mouth and I gasped in surprise. Where the bleep did that come from?!

The things that come out of this girl’s mouth sometimes are astounding, and we’ve had some interesting conversations as of late.

I’m in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher while Nyana plays in the living room:
Nyana: “Uh oh.”
Me: “Uh oh, what, sweetie?”
Nyana: “I eated it.”
I come into the living room to see Nyana reading a lift-the-flap story; she’s on a picture of a sheep.
Me: “You ate what, sweetheart?”
I can now see a large chunk missing from the sheep’s head.
Nyana: “I eated the face. Oh crap.”

Not surprisingly, also on the list of things recently overheard in our house: “No, Nyana, crap is a grown up word. Little girls like you don’t use words like that.”

Also overheard recently:

At the park on a cold, rainy day:
Nyana: “So, so cold!”
Me: “You are so, so cold?”
Nyana: “YES!”
Me: “Yeah, it is pretty cold. Maybe we should go home soon.”
Nyana: “No No NOOO, mama! Nyana mama stay the park all day long.”
Me: “You don’t want to go home? Aren’t you cold?”
Nyana: “No! So… so, so WARM!”

On waking up:
Me: “Good morning, sweetie.”
Me: “Do you want to get up?”
Me: “Are you still sleeping?”
Nyana: “Yes. I’m SLEEPING.”

Heading to a playdate downtown:
Me: “Hey Ny, are we going to go ride the train today?”
Nyana: “YEAH, mama!”
Me: “Are we going to the city today?”
Nyana: “Yeah! Like Batman!!”

Out for a nature walk, we pass a woman walking a greyhound dog:
Nyana: “Oh! Look, mummy! A reindeer!”

Getting ready to go for a walk outside:
Me: “Ny, let’s get ready to go outside.”
Nyana: “Yeah! I need shoes! And socks!”
Me: “Yeah? Shoes and socks? What else?”
Nyana: “I need my shoes, and my socks, and my jacket, and my black sunglasses for my big blue eyes!”

“No, Nyana, please don’t stick cheese into the memory card slot on Daddy’s new MacBook.”
“No, Nyana, don’t eat your finger paint.”
“No, Nyana, you can’t open the carton of strawberries in the store and start eating them.”
“No, Nyana, Sofie (the cat) doesn’t want to wear mama’s shoes.”


You may have noticed this is titled Part One. There will be a part two and very likely a part twelve. Stay tuned.


Conversations With A Toddler {Part I} — 2 Comments

  1. I love this! So happy you are writing these things down so that you remember them. (and also that you are sharing them with us!)

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