About The K&D Show

The Karen & Donners Show began back in 2000, when we were both young and foolish. Don was working for an accounting company in one of the towers in Vancouver’s financial district; Karen was working at a sandwich shop in the mall level of the tower. Karen made Don a sandwich, Don gave Karen a massage, the first date consisted of bacon cheeseburgers and beer and it was all “you and me, babe” from then on.

In 2003 we met our friend Mulko when we moved into a loft on Vancouver’s east side. Mulko used to get so excited to see the two of us together—how evident it was when we were together that we were wholeheartedly meant for each other—that she referred to each of her visits with us as an episode of The Karen & Donners Show. The term stuck.

We spent the better part of a decade just living and loving. In 2008, after getting past the seven year itch and determining that yes, we still loved each other, we hopped a plane to Central America with our immediate family members and said I do! on the beaches of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Less than two years after our Canada Day wedding, we were pregnant with Nyana. Nyana decided not to play by the rules and decided she did not want to be a Christmas baby. Born 13 weeks early, on September 20, 2010, she spent more than seven months in the NICU and came home with machines to help her eat and breathe. As of her second birthday, she was breathing 100% on her own and taking approximately 75% of her daily calories by mouth. You can read her full story here: www.nyanarose.com.

Not to be deterred by Nyana’s dramatic arrival, we set out to give her a sibling. Nyana’s brother, Freddy, has learned from Nyana’s mistakes and is showing no sign of wanting to repeat her early arrival. His current ETA is December 7, 2012.

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